6 Path Ways to Pleasure and Tail Wagging!

Have you wagged your tail lately ? 

I swear the more open and toned my pelvic floor gets the more my tail wags each time I get excited or turned on. 
And wow do I get more  turned on since my pelvis is freed up !

Pelvic floor muscles are of vital importance for sexual function in both men and women. 
In men, they support erectile function and ejaculation. In women, they hold in place her whole womb center and with the voluntary contractions (squeezing) of the pelvic floor contribute to sexual sensation and arousal. 

And check this out, our throat and jaw are directly connected to our pelvic floor and sexual energy center. When we make sound particularly a moaning kind of sound, it  opens up our throat center, in turn activating and opening our sexual center. 
Primal sounding and moaning assists in spreading our life force from our genitals throughout our whole body to open us up to more visceral experience of peace and power.

Our pelvic floor is also very ‘emotional'. It’s crucial for elimination and urination. We can hold very old emotional habit patterns in our pelvic floor from our experiences with childhood toilet training. The muscle memory holds onto the tension and traumas that take place here unless we consciously release them.
It is also our primary sexual area, so there is a lot going on, with housing our most basic human experiences.

I love people watching. I learn so much about the body through observing people in motion.  I love tracking my response to people's personal embodiment and gestures, taking note who I feel the most open hearted around, who inspires me, who feels present and radiant and attractive in their body and who seems to be having the most fun. 

What I notice is that it is not a body type or a genre of beauty or financial bracket that opens my heart. Hands down it is the ones (men and women ) who are free in their pelvic floor. Energy is flowing and there is a grounded connection to earth and celebratory "yes" about living . They are tail waggers! Just cool to notice ! 

When we take time to wag and create sacred dates of movement and stillness to remember the power and peace in having full access to our bodily pleasure our lives change. 
Opening up our connection to our pelvic floor escorts us home to the wisdom of our womb, where it is like having a personal rebirth by connecting us to our innate wild intelligence and the elemental forces within us. 
You start celebrating life, feeling less pain and more ecstatic pleasure!

Here are my 6 clear pathways to pleasure that have changed the course of my life,  freed up my tail and got me wagging my tail in full body response to what is attractive and pleasurable.   

- 1 Breath: Deepen and direct your breath into stuck and closed areas of your pelvis and body.

- 2 Movement/Circulation: Tail wagging! Bring moment to your tail bone and pubic bone, hips and belly, jaw and neck. A variation of slow methodical exercises and free form shamanic shake downs to unlock stuck chi and strengthen muscles to circulate blood flow so you can experience more sensation and pleasure. 

- 3 Feeling: A meditative process. Take time to truly feel bodily sensations and give your attention to the emotional texture that is woven into it. This is a slowing down process of receptivity and restoration. 

- 4 Linking : Link up the body. Begin to learn and notice how body parts hold tension in unison.  Unlocking one part starts to unwind another. This is very helpful if there is intense trauma or shock. For example you can begin to access your pelvic floor through the pathway of your feet and  your jaw.

- 5 Primal Body Expression: Allow primal sounds. Not words but moans and yelps. Let it out ! Release the voice of your pelvis, of your womb, of your belly. It may not sound pretty. Thats great! Get all that stuck ugly energy out of there to make more room for feel good !

- 6 Authentic Sharing: Praise and heart sharing. Share form your deep feeling and what you are noticing. Share from you vulnerability. Don't worry about sounding profound or intelligent. Stay simple and share from your heart. The heart and womb are connected. When you share from your heart instead of your mind your womb relaxes and widens literally and energetically.

When your pelvic floor opens you can start to embrace your sexuality as a journey and start to circulate energy through your pelvic floor to find new door ways to your emotional sensual sexual intelligence. 
Take time to slow down, claim and honor the stories of your life, unfold through them. 

In this there is new possibility to great healing peace and ecstatic full body pleasure. 

Have you wagged your tail lately?

 It just may clear and brighten your inner radiance and the attraction principle that will open the doorways to your hearts deepest longing!  

2 ways to waggle with us soon! 

Learn and Practice pathways to pleasure in Boulder Co. in November
- Pelvic Peace and Power Nov. 6-8 /

- WOMB Dance  / Oct. 4 - Oct. 18 

Or come waggle in a private WOMB Initiation session with Ixeeya 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.