Your own pleasure first.

AAAAHHRRRRRRRR! I just have to let it out !  My heart aches! We must put an end to this!
I can not tell you how many women I meet who are not enjoying their bodies or sex!

Amazing, powerful, sexy women not enjoying sex or pleasure in their bodies.
Experiencing pain during sex. Having painful periods and no sex drive.

This is not just a conversation for women although we women do need to gather and get dancing!
We need to do our healing practices, discover ourselves and do some vital creative playtime together.

I see this as a serious epidemic.

I am talking about our birth rite to enjoy our bodies and our sexual selves.
Sexual Union within and in partnership that is part of the evolutionary process. I am talking about the flow of vital life force!
We as a culture have allowed sexuality to become a kinky hobby or an optional experience.
When in actuality it makes up a major system of the body that plays a huge role in our vitality and health!
But !!! 
We can not remedy this by just having sex! We must heal and learn about our bodies and our sexuality to discover our own pleasure first.

If a woman is not enjoying her own body and feeling pleasure in her body there is no way she wants to share her body with someone else. She will not want to have sex or if she does to please her partner,  she cant wait till its over!

Here is one lil tip I learned years ago and it is so true! For both of us men and women to tend to. Do not have sex until the woman is totally turned on. You see if she is not turned on, her womb does not shift into her sexy place. Here is what I mean.

The womb shifts when a woman is turned on. At that point her juices flow and she is ready to experience pleasurable sex. 
When the womb shifts the cervix shifts and gets out of the way for the Cock to make his way.

If the tip of the cock hits the cervix OOUUCH !  It will be painful, really painful and more than that we women will start to be cautious and start to hold back our full free sexual expression.
That is just no fun for anyone!

We woman need our partners to know this and for it to be ok. . It is terrifying for us women to think something is wrong with us sexually or for our partner to think there is something wrong with us. Many women will go along with sex to please their partners because they are too ashamed to talk about it and or seems hopeless so why bother. Turning a woman on is not just up to her partner it also has to do with her relationship to her body, sensuality and pleasure.

At this point in time it is very normal for women to not be enjoying sex and their bodies but it is not something we cant change!

There is nothing wrong with you or your partners. It is simply our modern world has skipped over some essential education and practices and replaced it with alot of problematic porn and shame.
We are now living in the results of to many years of this.

Its just time to be courageous and confessed together and make our way home to loving our bodies and experiencing the sensual pleasure and creative fertility we were meant to so we can bring it to each other in ecstatic play and sacred union. 

Every woman is different so I can not just give you a " here's how you turn yourself or your woman on so her cervix shifts" list.

But what I can tell you  is the more we have these conversations and really have compassion for each other and cheer each other on,
Get comfortable and fluid in our bodies and pelvic floors,
The more we heal shame and violation in our bodies, the more women will be loving their bodies, sex and their partners!

I have 2 workshops coming up this fall to support women in having these conversations, open and enjoy their bodies and their sexuality ! ( I do sell gift certificates if you want to surprise a woman in your life!) 
These workshops are so much fun. They go deep and offer alot of education and practices, great for all kinds of woman and healing practitioner to get some new inspiration)

We women need to love ourselves and our bodies first. We need to feel pleasure in our sexuality on our own before we can enjoy it with another. 

I really believe helping woman enjoy their bodies and sexuality is the pathway to global transformation! Really, it will change life on earth, that is a whole other conversation LOL!

For the men... We will have a CO- ED SACRED UNION New Moon December
or please come in for a private coaching session in person or on skype if you want to learn more about what women need from you,  or to open your own body up to more pleasure and presence.

W.O.M.B. Dance: This is a dance, meditation and sisterhood 6 week series. Some women report having results after the first class!  Tuedays Oct. 13 - November
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PELVIC PEACE AND POWER: a 3 day intensive of women's womb and self care practices that go deep into the womb center. This will change the way you live your life and experience sex. November 6-8
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See you soon ! 
Ixeeya Lin 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.