Dance of Sacred Sexuality

The Dance of Sacred Sexuality ...
I call it a dance because we need to learn how our body moves with our breath and with the light of our spine to fully experience the full spectrum of Sacred Sexuality. 

What if it ...
- Starts with self love 
- It proceeds with deep listening and clear boundaries
It continues on in the way you...
- Deeply feeling and receiving.
- Being completely honest and vulnerable with yourself.
- Honor your body as a sacred space - celebrate your curves and softness.
- Quiet your mind and listen to your body.
- Awaken your senses and allow pleasure.
-Understand the way light moves through your body- deepen your breath and undulate.

- Know your power to generate energy and radiance through sensual play and sexual practice.
- Only partner with others who truly honor and adore you- all of you.
- Adore and celebrate your partner.
- Engage in Sexuality with intention knowing the power that sexuality has to create, heal and purify.

Sacred Sexuality. What does that mean to you?

Would you like to feel more free in your body, feel softer, more celebratory, grateful and full body reception to pleasure?

 I know, we all would, and we all can. 

It is a personal journey and it starts right where you are at. No one's life or sexual journey is the same but there are practices we can share together to help you unfold in to your most radiant, sensual and sexy self. 

Discover Her...the Shakti force, wild divine woman within you. 

My next 3 month introductory virtual training will be coming up soon. Where ever you are, you can join in via the computer! 

Apply Now by emailing with your name, number and email and your interest and we will get in touch with you when we activate the next training. 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.