Set Yourself Free!

Set yourself free ! 

(April Spring Cleaning New Moon Release Ritual) 

Have you ever feel trapped or held back, like your not good enough or cant figure out your life. Ever find yourself in a relationship or a job too long? keep trying to suck it up and try new ways to make it work and it just isnt but you still carry on.

Ever see someone else's life, website, relationship, business etc. and feel like total crap because you compare yourself and feel inadequate or frustrated your not there or your life dose not look like that.

Ever get dressed in the morning and go through several outfits and just feel uncomfortable over and over again but put that clothes back in your close?!

Ok if you said yes to any of these questions then your right on track with this months Womens Tent theme. RELEASE. Yes this month we are practicing the ART OF LETTING GO and setting our selves free!\

The ART OF LETTING GO AND RELEASE is an ongoing practice!

And it is a muscle that gets stronger and wiser.

We all get trapped by our inner critic and personal speed bumps. Its just being human.

And yes it is hard and sometimes feels hopeless. You not alone in that.

Actually I talked to so many woman during the course of a week and month and I tell you there are the shadow and the light of each season for each of us. Spring is so exciting and inspiring. So much light and passion to reach and respond and share!

 Just like the flowers,  our visions for the new year rise up in this new light of spring but so too do the thoughts and habits that stand in our way.

Its like those tulips that break through the earths surface and push up through an old autumn leaf and get all bound up.

 I find great joy in snipping that old leaf away and feeling that tulip widen into full bloom immediately !

What do you need to snip out of your life to widen into full bloom!? 

As you have felt the inspiration of the new year and new growing season, and set your sails for your vision to come into reality, what are you noticing binds you, criticizing you, not a good fit.

What have you out grown? What needs to be released?
Habits, thoughts, cloths, circumstances...

At this months New Moon we are going to practice a timeless ritual. The burning bowl ritual.

Fire is an amazing ally for releasing and burning away.

 This ritual act in the witness of other women who believe in you and want you to succeed is truly powerful.
The experience and embodied memory that occurs truly holds you accountable and carves new pathways in your thoughts and actions.

Springs main task is to root into fertile soil and reach up to the light. Along the way there are stones and debris to move through. When we do move through and release it we reach to the light is stronger and clearer than before.

As we become clear about what we need to release we also become clear about the positive action to move forward with.

I love that.

Recently I started feeling myself so tired all the time.

I could not do all the things I love to do. I was dragging my ass sort of speak. But I had an old belief that doing things I said I was going to do was more important than having good boundaries with getting to sleep.

So yes I need to release this limiting thought and this habit of not getting to bed for sure.

But in  releasing them I also had to confront why I was saying yes and taking on too many things in one day and what was I doing up so late each night and how could it be rearranged.

It was awesome I had to get brutally honest with myself and truly get to know myself from this lens.

As I did my whole world began to change and my visions for this new year clarified even more... the new positive actions were obvious,  get to bed earlier and consider what is really a yes.

But  in doing this it gave me an opportunity to really explore how that could happen realistically.
 It is happening! And all this has informed my life and my work in new directions I could not have imagined.

Discovering what needs to be released is a doorway that sets you free into new directions that can change your life in so many positive and growth full ways !

Give it a try.
If you want support in your practice meet us at Tuesday Yoga 9am Joy in Motion in Boulder or at our Womens Tent April Release Dance and Burning Bowl Ritual April 16th !

How to get started with discovering what you need to release.

- Notice repetitive negative throughs. The ones keeping you feeling small, doubtful and not good enough.

- The 4 season rule of thumb if you have kept and piece of clothing, a relationship or job through the 4 seasons and you still feel like its not a fit, it does not feel supportive then likely its time to let it go.

- Start to sort and sift what is a good idea and what is your personal truth ( good ideas do not always lead us to where we want to go, our authentic feeling moment to moment do)

- The Ugly human side... we all have one. Instead of feeling ashamed or critical of yourself ask yourself 'What happened?"  Chances are there is some bad habit in there that needs consideration. Something that needs to be released that got us there. Our monster selves do not rise up for no reason there is something to learn from it. A need that has been over ridded. Do you need to release over working, not having good boundaries, not getting to bed early enough, eating too much sugar?

- Notice the things you really love or want in your life. Are you doing them, do you have them?  If not get curious. Why. What is getting in the way of you doing what you love to do or spending time with those you love or having what you say you really want.

Have fun Spring Cleaning from the inside out ! 

Let "it" go and let it create space for new perspectives, circumstances and clear positive action.


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.