New Moon Restoration April 16

New Moon This week! 
Thursday April 16

Wherever you are I invite you to take time to join in the inward contemplative energy of the moon. 

Time for restoration and nourishment, reflection and intention setting.

What could you do this Thursday to honor your body and your feminine wisdom?

Dont be to hard on yourself. If your life can only afford an hour of personal time - take it and celebrate the hell out of that hour!

If you can take a half day retreat for yourself then go for it!

Join us in contemplating this months theme - Release.
A few ways to take your retreat time.

- Make yourself a nourishing tea
- Take some unscheduled time to just notice what you are attracted to and listen to that
- Put on your favorite song and dance
- Sort and sift through your closet and get rid of some things that are not feeling like you anymore
- Light a candle and just sit in the soft glow on some pillows
 - Gather with a few girl friends and create a burning bowl ritual. ( writing on pieces of paper things you want to release then taking turns speaking them and offering them to the fire. )

Whatever you need to do to relax, let go of your roles in your life and listen to the deep wisdom within you.
Please be in touch if you need support creating your new moon retreat time.

I do believe if we all take time on the new moon to restore our feminine selves there is an amazing healing wave of grace that washes across the planet !

Join in this global act of restoration with us. Much love.

- New Moon Womens Tent gathering
Starhouse, Boulder Co.
Doors open at 6:15 - we circle up at 6:30 pm
Dance of Release and the annual burning bowl ritual

- Prepare for new moon WITH WOMENS YOGA
This week we will do a restorative womb class in honor of the moons invitation for self care.

One last thing ! 
Please let us know your plans for New Moon. Do you have a personal self care practice that you love ?

Are you hosting a public New Moon Circle  ? 
We want to know and share it with the world so women can find each other. 

Tell us about it in the Comments below 
So sisters everywhere know where they can find a circle and learn new ways to support and love themselves! 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.