Musing in Dance and Yoga under a full Moon!

This weeks Dance and Yoga Prayer...
 Gratitude and Balance in Fullness 

This week we are heading toward the full moon. The week of the full moon we always have a lil more energy to play with in our asanas.

So we will practice feeling and accessing that fullness and bringing it into our asanas to stabilize and energize us.

Lets celebrate and truly receive what is already full in our lives.

What are you grateful for. What pours out of you effortlessly and amuses the world!

The archetype the Muse plays in this field of full moon energy. The muse is full and overflowing with love, joy and inspiration. The job of the Muse is to make contagious her joy and inspiration.

For the energy of the Muse check out this video. It is my brothers new music video.
I am dancing the part of the muse chasing him down to remind him of the joy and magic of life! Enjoy

Details of this weeks practice ....

Focusing on the Yamas : Ahimsa ( Compassion, self love, love for others)
 and Niyamas : Santosha ( gratitude, acceptance)

Pranayama: Yogic Breath and Alternate Nostral Breath
Asana: A heart and womb opening series culminating in the playful and steadying Dolphin

May our dance be one of discovery and playfulness. May your Muse awaken this week in your dance and each asana to know what pours effortlessly out of you to amuse the world around you!

with Love
Ixeeya Lin


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.