10 years ago... I heard that call.


"Im calling you. Our wisdom can not be lost. Our spirits can not be broken.

 Not if we keep listening together. 10 years ago I woke up and heard the call to an ancient tradition... New Mooning. 

 "Woman ... Im Calling you" I love this song by Sheila Chandra it is one of my favorite new moon songs 

When we listen, when we tend to our bodies and gather, we awaken the feminine spirit within. We remember. 

We awaken the wisdom of our feminine center....our womb center. We awaken the intelligence of the divine feminine within. 

Our bodies relax and our hearts feel more. Women truly have a unique capacity to reduce stress for each other. I remember many years ago reading an article from a Harvard study about this. Yes even the scholastic world agrees. Women need each other. 

I had many door ways into womens culture. Sharing a womb with my twin sister, the girls club of my aunties, my mothers ritual self care, my first shamanic teacher Melissa Michaels womens groups and dances, the Path of Ceremonial Arts Program, The Temple group initiation with Cammelli and my yoga teacher Sofia Diaz's womens circles and yoga.

They all opened me to this path of remembering. To feeling my existence in my female body in a profound and new way, to realizing and healing my pain and understanding what sisterhood really was. 

In the last year of my ceremonial arts training I read the book the Red Tent and it all came into focus.

I balled my eyes out and it was done. My spirit soared, my body tingled, my heart swelled. 

I remember exactly where I was at that moment. In my bed in the basement of the Starhouse farmhouse in Boulder Co.

 I could not stop crying. I cried to finally feel that there was a place for all the violation, all the intensity and energy I had experienced in my life. 

There was a place that could hold this and even be served by it. I was not broken by any of it, all along SHE, through each experience, had been molding me into who this she/me  needed to become to step on this path! 

Through each of these experiences I could  feel and know with my whole body the trials and triumphs of the divine feminine. 

I had rich deep stories to share, rise out of and grow compassion for others from.  Every kind of tear poured out... tears of joy and sadness and grief and knowing. My body kept softening the more I cried. 

I heard the call. 

It was not just enough to remember and gather for me. I knew at that moment  it was my path to create these sacred spaces.  I was called to step into co-creation with the earth, the moon, the women that were around me each new moon.
 I was honed to gather the women and to guide us out of the petty mundane together, out of our toxic stories and home to our deep knowing of how to be in sacred sisterhood together. 
.. practicing how to really tell and listen to each other stories. To just be together and let the answer to each others prayers unfold through us. 

Once we gather and the space is created something magical happens. Women know what to do and if they are foggy, scared or awkward,  they follow along and soon remember. 

It is a blessed moment to see a woman awaken to remembering. 
10 years ago I stepped into serve this awakening and deepened my commitment to women in my life and my own divine feminine self. Each new moon renewed my remembering and echoed the call. 

This is not and was not an easy journey. But it was one that I came here to take. There was so much fear and resentment to heal and so much trust to re-establish and regain. It has grown me and kicked my ass and humbled me as well as  blissed me open in ways I have never know possible. 

Still each time I gather in sacred space with women my body softens a lil more and another memory returns. 

The memory of faith, of sharing, of trusting of beauty and womb wisdom... of where we have been and where we are going.

And sometimes it happens in circles as a reflection of  everything that holds me back and collapses me.

Those are the most rich times that take me to the deepest healing, to the other side through the guantlet of habit patterns inside my head and body.

The memories awaken and when they do. Life is different. 

The body does not lie. When you hear that call. Your body and spirit know. 

"Women are the " mothers of the creative force", a phrase I first learned from Native American wise women. Phrases of the moon and rhythms of the oceans' tides move inside us, within our bellies. Moon goddesses the world over , from IxChel to Artemis, teach women to honor their bodies as sacred." - Healing Magic by Robin Rose Bennet

What in your life lights  up the creative force within you...Opens your heart  and sends tingles throughout your whole body? 
What challenges you to be the upgraded version of yourself over and over again. 

Run to it sister and give yourself fully to it through the good, the bad, the ugly and sacred. 
I have a hunch it is a part of your destiny calling you. 

In deep gratitude and respect for the journey of sisterhood. 
with love 

*I am really excited for this Thursdays new moon, March 19. We are celebrating the blood mysteries.
I know I will be remembering with a full heart the sweet call home to the new moon that first came 10 years ago. Another moon to gather in this rhythmic way to restore and nourish together this beautiful one, the divine feminine within.  


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.