This weeks prayer for you. 

Find out simple ways to find your way back moment by moment. Tomorrow.
Womens Yoga 9 am morn at joy in Motion 
Shamanic Dance 5:45 Joy in Motion 

More and more I realize if there is anything we have control over it is our happiness! I know - that can be annoying to hear. I get in my slumps and feels like I have no control over it - I just need to sit and be miserable. I have all the perfect excuses why I am justified in feeling like crap - my stubborn self is very attached to it ! 

But WAIT !! Is that true? 
( good god it takes a long time sometimes to get there doesnt! ) 

LOL Then I have one of those miracle moments....

 I sooooo love how quick things shift from that moment! So I am getting addicted to experiencing this lil miracle. Yes bring on my defeated winy one - I wanna try again! 

..Whats my trick ?  Yoga, Dance and Powerful conscious conversation with myself and my "team" ( those friends and co- workers that wont settle for anything other then your best, most empowered self. Those who enjoy - feeling  and conversing about it all to mine the gems and clear the path to happiness !  

Yoga, Dance and Power conversation bring me righ to my habit patters of defeat and gets me curious. 
Feeling it, shaking it free and asking the right questions within to make the shift back to happiness. Sometimes the story is so old and toxic when really I am just hungry or tired! 

Why am I writing today with this. Because I had a personal epiphany this weekend that opened my heart so wide and soft. It got me realizing that we all need to help each other with this practice - and it just takes practice! Body and Mind Practice. 
But we truly create so much suffering for ourselves with the stories in our minds and allowing them to shape our bodies. I come back and see if I can write down the whole story for you. For now this is what I know and need to pass on to you. 

We need each other and we need to practice. 

Mondays we start again. A new week. A time for a new beginning. Time to get back into tending to our work, our dreams etc. Back to the to do list. And wow can it get overwhelming fast. 

Answering for what justifies defeat and brain fog, and choosing happiness instead of settling into living unhappy takes practice. 

Trust me I know first hand. For me conscious yoga and dance, community conversations keeps me on track, opening and softening and choosing happiness with my thoughts and body. Find out what is keeping you from happiness. 

Find out simple ways to find your way back moment by moment. 

Right now mark your calendar to Jump on the Happy Train this week with me ! 
Both my classes and my blog are dedicated to the practice of happiness. journeying through the jungle of mind and emotions to harvest the gems of wisdom and carry them all the way home to our happy place ! 
A place of the quiet positive mind and  soft open body.

Tuesday Womens Yoga  9am - 10:15 am Joy in Motion 

Tuesday Shamanic Dance 5:45 - 6:45 pm Joy in Motion

Private Coaching and Shamanic Bodywork Sessions: Wed. - Fri.

Ohhh And one more thing!!! Mark your Calendars! I am so excited to gather with you goddesses to great some feminine magic and healing.

  I promise it will be a night you will remember for a long time. Deep, nourishing, playful girl time. 

MARCH 19 : 1st Womens New Moon Gathering of 2015
 The Red Tent Blood Mysteries Ritual . A co- creative night of sisterhood, celebration and ritual !
To ensure all women can come to spark this new year of , feminine restoration, womens culture and service to the divine feminine! 

A portion of the money we make will go to Amy's House here in Co. to support creating new possibility for girls rescued from the sex trafficing industry. 

Its time to gather, restore and serve together. 
We need each other. We can make a difference. 

 Dont Miss this Happy Making Event of Divine Feminine YUmmmm !  



Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.