ROOT AND REACH... Unwrap a gift of self love.

Fully receive and sink into support and generously give away the endless flow of your radiance!  

This is a key element in practicing the healing life practices of yoga and sacred dance...
Rooting and Reaching entails fully extending our spine in both directions.
The magic awakens as we become conscious and receptive of the weave of earth energy rising up into us. If we take the time to feel and to bask in the growing radiance in our bodies, to fully invite this life force into our soft bellies to pass through our womb center, then releasing and reaching up our spine to heaven with this energy will become a natural response.

I find the greatest teacher of this practice to be the TREES!  Really! They are so steady with their receptivity of the earth, sinking their roots in and drinking from the mother.
Watch and feel how they reach to the light, how they receive and digest the light that sustains them. They fully participate  equally with both above and below.
And as they do they give their gift of life, the oxygen we breath.

As I took a walk in the forest this weekend, I could feel the life force of the trees rooting deep into the earth and reaching their naked branches softly upward, it was subtle but it was. The more  I got quiet in my head and sunk into the stillness, the more obvious it became.
  I was walking in a moment of doubt and overwhelm.  I felt cut off from clarity and inner guidance.  Curling in at my center and stewing in my emotions. Yup, I do that.

As the life force got louder. I found a tree to sit with and leaned my spine into the tree. As I sat there I could feel plugged into the flow of the light moving through the forest.  I got a lil and queazy at first.
But I stuck it out to see what else might come.  My body began to open up. I could feel circulation start to happen like a winter stream thawing and beginning to trickle.
 For me the frozen grip was in my solar plexus.  It slowly unraveled as I continued to root and reach with this tree at my back. I started to loose my sense of separate self.  The word harmony, harmonizing kept coming.

Then the sensations in my solar plexus started.

OMG It was like someone was tickling me from the inside. I could not stop smiling. It all evened out and there were no separate sensations just one high pitched soft hum.

It was very peaceful and revitalizing.

  I was so grateful to the forest. It was such an unexpected gift. The gift was first the shift of my shitty mood. But the more the light moved through me I was visited with a deep, sweet, tender, forgiving, and accepting self love.

The kind that would love myself no matter what happened. Unconditional.

So I am sure it is no surprise that I wanted to run home and share this with you, you know being self love month and all !
The weekly themes always come from some unexpected epiphany that occurs in my practice or daily life.
This this week it came as a gift of self love.

So try it out.  The actual tree asana is a great one to work this practice in. As this clear weave of rooting down as you exhale and reach up your spine deepens - it can deepen all the asanas even if they are not in the vertical line between heaven and earth. Just keep reaching your spine with your breath in both directions.

Have fun unwrapping your gift of self love !

in gratitude
Ixeeya Lin

If your in Boulder Come meet me Tuesday morning at 9:00 am for a Root and Reach practice at Joy in Motion .

If your doing this at home PLEASE  share your discoveries, down below!  We are all learning from each others journey!
love hearing from you!


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.