A Pre Valentines day Gift.

Happy Valentines Day ! 
Ahhh love ! That oh so complicated and radically simple riddle! 
I actually really love valentines day since I decided years ago it was about love. Loving myself and bringing more love to the planet.
That shifted everything! Now no more disappointment or frustration. I started gifting chocolate to everyone I met on that day and making sure I did something yummy for myself !

Dates and surprises were just a bonus and always turn out better when its not loaded with expectations and need for approval. Can you relate?

Here is a lil pre weekend gift to make sure all your valentines day adventures start with a deep connect in with self love!  

The Audio below will guide you on a self love Womb Meditation ! 
Just a few minutes of my me chatting it up with you then the meditation will begin!

Oh And I wanted to show you my new Gift Certificates! 
It was so fun making them in Photoshop. Hope you like them. They are available for men or women. Gift someone a private one on one session with me in person or on the skype or you can use them to gift a woman a class or workshop or training !

-  Gift  a  Coaching or Journey Session to someone who is looking for guidance or is in a transition.
 I can access guidance from your body, spiritual realms, ancestors and the healing traditions I am trainded in.

-  A Sacred Dance or Yoga Private for someone discovering sacred embodiment and would love some support with their practice

-   A Womb/ Prostate centering for a man or woman who want to find a deep connection with their sacred center and support their immunity and fertility.

-  A Ceremonial Shamanic healing for someone craving deep nourishment on all levels and or reconnect with spiritual consciousness.

- A Henna Body Art session for a pregnant momma or someone who loves adorning themselves with beauty and healing touch. (this one can only be done in person) 

- A Womb Sauna for any woman wanting to invite the deep healing of the plants into her womb center. Balances PH and hormones, conditions tissue and creates deep relaxation.
( also an in person session, although you can purchase a bag of herbs with instructions on how to experience a womb sauna at home for $ 20) 

We can change the description to suite your request. Then we send a new certificate off for you to print at home to have your instant gift for your beloved.
 ( I always suggest to gift it in a pretty lil baggy or envelope with flower petals or a bow of natural or red fibers!) 

Have a great V-Day sister! xo

Here is the Audio ! Enjoy.

Hey Let me know below the 5 things you discover ! 

Ixeeya Lin 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.