5 Steps to Action ... Goddess Style

This 10 minute audio will lead you through the 5 steps to action through the medicine wheel.
Linking with the energies of the directions and elements.

This is what I call "Goddess Style"  Taking time to set our sails for action through the wisdom of our body and the earth! 

* Have a piece of paper and pen handy.
You might like to light a candle to create sacred space for yourself.
 If your on the run thats ok too.. Listen on your walk or while your cooking!

Quick Reference to the 5 Steps: 

Clear Statements of intent.

Clarify the passion and heart longing fueling this vision.

Find Fluidity. What emotional state best serves ease, grace and flow for this vision.

What offers the clear structure that supports this vision. ( space, location, system, program...

 Full Embodiment of your vision, full visual, feeling, imagining and energetic experience of living this vision.


This weekend I took pause to do ceremony, to listen and pray for guidance and purification to begin laying the ground work for the manifestation of my intentions and visions for my new year. 
It was filled with Fire and Water... Singing and drumming, dancing and praying, winter earth, snowy white beauty, family and savory yumminess, The wise Womb, Brigid's Well and potent Stillness, Pomegranate Elixir, Moon Glow, Dear friends and Deep remembering. 

I tell you it was just in the nick of time! 

Did you feel the intensity building ? 

Did you feel tired, on the verge of getting sick, emotional intensity or disorientation and overwhelm? 

The first stir of shift of seasons, full moon and Imbolc, oh my, oh yes!   

And then it came to me the 5 ways to get back on track, to set my sales and feel the sweet feeling of flowing forward again. 

These 5 steps always clear the way for me. 
Here I come visions and dreams of 2015! 

Well I had to take one day totally off and just lay in bed.
 Literally I could not move but...It  was the clearest action I could take.

Turned out to be the most healing and productive thing I could do for myself.

Staying in bed til 1 then doing my yoga practice in bed.
Taking notes and making my to do list in bed horizontal was the perfect preparation for the transition of the seasons and my weekend of ritual.

Am I always conscious about tracking these seasonal shifts. Hell No! LOL
 I was totally alarmed and worried. Totally forgot that every year right before cross quarters life gets a bit more intense for me.

Thats why I have other goddess friends, the animals and plants to remind me.

So I am here to remind you. Yes a lil intensity does make sense at these potent moments of the cycling of the year when the energy of the earth and relationship to the sun is starting to shift.

Sometimes we need a chunk of downtime, a long nap or a day off to attune.
Discover what works best for you.

For me its total stillness. In that stillness I reorient, integrate and remember things like the 5 steps I put together years ago from my ceremonial arts training and somatic resourcing years!

It came back to me in those silent hours. Such helpful tools!

In that stillness I realized my body and mind are like a computer when it freezes .... I have to almost freeze myself. Stop and do nothing to integrate the new energies colliding with the old.

If I take that time, I can move forward, refreshed and ready with inspiration. If I dont I can spiral into alot of chaos and anxiety, totally cut off from all the tools I have.

Some how each year just before February 1st, I remember through getting my but kicked or by the calendar or a cue from the earth and animals to find time to be still and create ritual to prepare for the action steps of my new year visions.

(This year, this special time of year is joined with the full moon energy to add a lil amplification!)

 In earth centered traditions this is a potent time.
It is the first cross quarter.
The time that sits between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.
In Celtic Traditions it is called Imbolc or Candlemas.

A time of preparations and purifications.

It honors the stirring of creative life force deep inside the earth mother.
This creative life force is stirring inside of you too because we are connected energetically to the earth.

It can feel like motivation or inspiration or sometimes a lil like overwhelm or a slight anxious excitement or even a deep potent internal dream time.

The dreams and visions born of the winter weeks now want some practical preparation to manifest into the next growing season that begins next month with Spring Equinox.

These 5 action steps will help you prepare your first steps of embodying any dream, vision or heart stirring.

They help you transition out of the wide expanse of possibility into focus, that will carry you gently into action and flow! Goddess Style! 

Enjoy your journey across the threshold of this first cross quarter sister.

Tune in just before Spring Equinox, March 21, for another shift of energies.

See what your body might need at that time to attune to the season, stay centered in your heart and access your deep inner womb wisdom.

Embody your visions, Stay connected to your sacred center sister.


with love


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.