Realizing Your Power as Womb Wisdom

Realizing Your Power as Womb Wisdom... 

There is a woman deep in the caves of the earth who tends to the women, the men, the children. Her power is elemental, it is universal, it is light and dark,  she is free, she is wild, she is humble and timeless.
She gathers the plants and sings her prayers. She smiles wide as her eyes sparkle and her faith in the mystery fill up her heart.

She journeys to the galaxy of her womb and dances in the brilliance of her overies where she takes time for pause to listen.
She is the bejeweled gateway to woman, the arched entrance where earth and universe commune.

She is the one who has reminded women of their womb wisdom from generation, to generation, to generation til it rippled far and wide. So far out of the jungle it reached the modern world where women move fast and often dont touch the earth. Even there.

Can you see her, can you feel her? She is the grandmother who waits for every woman to awaken to realize her greatness, to embody her fullness, to speak out with the wisdom of her womb to bring balance and healing into these times.

 She is the whisper in the wind that reminds you to exhale and see your beauty reflected in the beauty of another woman.

She is the love expansion of your heart that reaches your arms all the way around the earth to sooth the planet. She is the the vitality in your hips that sends the current of your feminine grace swimming into each moment.

Women's Yoga is the remembering, the realizing and the embodiment of this She. 
It is taking the shape and disposition of the full body yes to continuing her smile, her sparkle, her faith, her wisdom through your body.

Purify your doubt, your hesitation and insecurity with the full body feeling of she through heart and hip openers, back extensions and song.  Opening the path way from our root to our voice.

Tuesdays  9am- 10 :15am   
JOY IN MOTION ( 4800  Baseline Boulder)

A weekly date to remember, realign and realize your sacred consciousness through  the geometries of asana and the wisdom of your womb. 

NOT IN BOULDER ? NOT A PROBLEM... Lets meet on Skype to help you with your practice.  In this world its called Women's coaching or private sessions. 

 In other worlds its called Womb Wisdom Council or Sister Support. 

You call it what feels good to you.  Its easy and will change the course of your life. 
Guidance through your yoga and dance practice, womb meditations and healing. 
Infusing your life with beauty and spiritual consciousness. 

35 min. consults package of 3 : $ 150
65 min. consults package of 3 : $ 300
95 min. consult : $270

All Skype sessions must be completed through Pay Pal before the session. 

Thank you for reading my Blog! 
Blessings on your way!  
 See you soon. 

Ixeeya Lin 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.