Sink into and Dance the Squat into steady peace and power!

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In the wake of Halloween and all souls day there is a new invitation of dropping down and inward from the earth. 

Sink into and dance 

your Squat!

Join me for a womb centered morning 

of squats Tuesday Nov. 4 at 9:00 am  

Joy in Motion Dance Studio!

Experience the medicine of the horizontal and vertical squat! 

- Squat yoga and dance Opens
your hips, groins, inner thighs, womb ligaments and lower back,

- Helps relieve and come into relationship with Constipation, stress,  stiff hips, back pain, period cramps, fertility.

- Connects you to the earth, the base of your body, your womb, your feminine essence, a feeling capacity of your whole body, your root, steadiness, womb wisdom, ancient lineage of feminine embodied wisdom, the downward flow of energy.  

This time of year do you notice the quieting, the cooling down and darkening of the days.  Can you feel the earths energy sinking down. If you join the earth in her sink down ward  we can drink in the deep medicine of the earth and listen more clearly. Get close in, sink, squat and dance into the deep knowing of the mother. 

Cross Culturally the squat has been part of women's embodiment practices for thousands of years. I have seen ancient images of women doing squats from Indian tantric temples, Irish churches, Aztec statues, ancient Egyptian Wall Paintings and sculptures, and modern day sculptures from Rodin and Marvel comic strip drawings. 

There is a naturalness to women squatting. Women in more earth centered cultures sit in the squat naturally to work each day. Modern life styles have supported women disconnecting from the base of their bodies, tightness in their hip flexors and break the flow of their body breath.  The squat is a natural way to come home to that natural way of being in your bodies, to support and strengthen your pelvic floor as well connect you to your  fertility, feminine essence and sexual/ sensual power. 

When we squat we drop into the down ward flow of energy, a surrender into the earths inhale. We open wide into a vulnerable position that cant help but soften us into relationship with our feminine self and mirror to us our resistance to feel and trust. IF we are locked up in our pelvic floor and hip flexors we may feel frustration from the stuckness and imbalance we find when entering the squat. Stay with it! You have to start somewhere. It is worth getting started.

 It is hands down one of the most important asana a woman can embark on for her radiance, health, peace and power.  It requires deep breathing into the base of your body. A deep, soft and clear press through your feet and a softening and strengthening of the muscles of your pelvic floor. Yup I said softening and strengthening. It is true it is both at the same time. 
A widening begins to occur that starts to soften contraction habit patterns in the base of your body and in your thighs that then gives way to a whole body union. Eventually the squat becomes sustained by the flow of energy through the earth, your womb, heart and throat. As this occurs you are strengthening the weave of pelvic floor muscles, PC muscle, conditioning womb ligaments and inviting the womb to center. 

Experience the benefits of the squat position in a couple of ways. With barring the weight of your body on your feet, parallel to the ground or a very low squat close to the ground or laying down on your back like in the happy baby pose or on your side. 

On a personal note... I found the squats to be so amazingly supportive in healing my brain injury because it got me out of my head in a way that helped me find and call on other modes of intelligence and energy sources outside of my brain. The more I came home to my pelvic floor the more the tension in my jaw, neck and heart relaxed. I was able to trust something other than my rational mind. I felt the voice of my feeling body get louder and more confident. She had been gaged for so long and now she was ready to lead the way. It was amazing and directive in guiding me to my Womb Work I do now! 

The standing squat goes like this... lil wider than hip width distance stance plant your feet, bring your elbows to your knees and focus on breathing into your low belly / pelvic bowl to start. 

If your ready to move your squat into dancing then ... alternate to open your hands turned up and wide out to the side and take small steps in synch with your breath with a slight bounce... womb dance. Dont stop breathing into your pelvic floor!

 It does not matter how low you can get.  The key elements are your breath and the focused attention on your pelvic floor, your stance, and the deep listening to your body, womb and earth. 
Practice the side squat before bed...A nice way to relax at the end of the day. 

It truly is amazing how your life will unfold with new guidance, sensual connection, and possibly release of grief and trauma as well as fertile strength for whatever you are gestating... babies or visions or new aspects of yourself.

Sink into and Dance the Squat into steady peace and power! 

For guidance and practice with asana,

movement and massage for your pelvic 

floor come on out for the 4 hr. 

Intro Pelvic Peace and Power Workshop 

being held in North Boulder on November 16  

1- 5:00 ! 2014 

Get Registered today!



Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.