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"Ixeeya has a true calling to serve women: her intense dedication to her Healing Arts practice combines with her integrity, curiosity, and compassion to make her a potent teacher, leader, and visionary. Her offerings are unique and original, but based in old (even ancient) folkways. She's fun, sexy, lively, sure to stir up the crud at the bottom of the pond."  
- Circe Moss McDonald (Mother, Minister,  Ceremonial Clown)

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This weeks Post :
Belly Love Yoga and Dance! 
I am dedicating tomorrows class to belly love! 
Wow our bellys really get alot of mixed and negative messages don’t they?! 
“ Hold your belly in, Soften it, build your core, relax your belly, I want curves but not fat, I want firm but not hard muscles like a man, I want soft but not cellulite... On and on we go judging and pushing our selves. 
The truth of the matter is our bellys are amazing... All of them... big, small, flat, soft, hard, round, jiggly. Our belly is the home and seat of our personal power and feminine essence. Its where our body metabolizes our nourishment and our emotions. Our lower belly is where our feminine essence lives!

Where do these negative voices in our heads come from? Where do our preferences for our bellies to be a certain way come from? Why do we not honor and get curious with all the phases and cycles our bellys go through? I think it is so worth considering and answering for and feeling the emotions it brings up so we can get re-aligned with true belly love like we were as an infant. How would our lives be different if we loved our bellies? If we did not tense up and cringe and judge our power and prana center.

Some times we are pregnant not only with a baby but with emotions and visions. There are some phases and seasons we are just fuller and gestating in our belly’s. Another season we may notice we are birthing and letting go of the fullness in our bellys. So why not get curious. 
The Yogic practice of simply breathing into our bellies and allowing the fullness to soften and expand can open up a path to ah-has about our relationship with our bellies. The belly breath can also open doorways to relaxing and accepting our whole body and reducing stress responses that can lead to the disconnect we often feel with our bellies. 

A male friend of mine innocently commented on a dress I was trying on today leaning over quietly to ask if I really wanted to wear something so fitting to have to worry about holding my belly in. I was a bit taken aback - I was not aware my belly was as obvious as he made it sound.  LOL - Ahhh A YOGIC OPPORTUNITY !   What to do? Do I take it personally and tell him to F--- off, or allow myself to feel belittled, insecure and insulted, or do I take a deep breath into my belly soften her and say oh right thanks for reminding me to relax and soften, lengthen my core and love my belly.  I think I should for sure get this dress to let my body feel fully celebrated in her round reach out the close knit fabric! LOL. 

It can be a tender conversation to begin loving our bellies. It may not happen in one yoga session. But like each yoga asana it begins with intention and breath and loving what comes. 

No matter what these bodies are ... they are ours. Inhabiting them is a deep blessing to feel, see, hear, taste, touch, and learn all the soul lessons we came here to learn. We have many practice and asanas to open us and  help us inhabit our bellys more deeply,  to lengthen our core, develop deep core strength and to love and accept all of ourselves.
In our dance and in our yoga lets practice BELLY LOVE and listen to the wisdom, messages and nourishing relaxation she has to guide us through in letting, go, gestating, and fully inhabiting all of ourselves. 

Dont force it just begin the conversation and see what comes. 
Om Shanti 

See you in the morning on the Matt for some Belly Love! 
Joy in Motion 
9 am  - 10 am 
or tune in where ever you are in your own Belly Love Practice ! 
I would love to hear all about your fabulous Belly! 


PS - Drink a warm cup of licorice / mint tea after your yoga and feel the Belly Love! 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.