Fall Yoga... Let go and Return to the compass of your heart.

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- Circe Moss McDonald (Mother, Minister,  Ceremonial Clown)

Todays Blog Post:

Fall Yoga: Let Go... Return to the compass of your heart

Artist Ixeeya Lin / Harvest Goddess

I raked up some crunchy leaves, made a pan of roasted root vegies and stared up at the golden glow of yellow leaf trees today and exhaled my deepest breath ever. 

Its Fall here in the northern hemisphere. The time for the exhale and release. With the letting go and deeper exhales comes the opportunities to feel more. Energy stops expanding with summers radiance and can start to clutter up in our joints, our lungs, womb, and digestion if we dont shift to being willing to feel, circulate and release.

As we transition in to fall, the expansion of summer begins to draw inward like the the plants sinking down into their roots! Our energy concentrates, we are called to hone and focus our energy on things that really serve the practical and spiritual dimension of our lives. As the energy draws inward I have found over the years that if we dont take time to extend, circulate and focus our hearts intention the transition from summer to fall can create some intense side effects... achy joints , digestion issues, late periods, back pain and breathing problems. 

Our bodies get used to the light and the natural circulation and expansion of summer - the summer does so much of our yoga for us - kind of like being in our 20's when the light and fullness is just always generating. Now fall is here and asking us to focus and live our lives with a bit more consistency in harmony with the falls down ward tug.

The fall season has new light for us to live with. The golden light shifting into the crisp stark light of winter. We bear witness to the dying of the plants and of our summer lives. An opportunity to feel our relationship with death and in that discover what our true heart longing really is. Where the compass of our heart is pointing us. 

Have you noticed you are achy or feeling emotional and nastalgic since the fall kicked in ? The light and energy is changing and particularly being a women we are very sensitive to the shifts of light in the seasons because our bodies are created to respond to light and the pull of the energy of the sun and the moon on our womb. This is how our bodies know to bleed and purify. The falls downward pull of energy releases the full body extension ourward and we naturally cuddle into our center to feel any unresolved emotions. 

So dont judge it... Yoga with it! 

- Feel the new influx of feelings and shift of energy with your whole body. 
- Simplify your daily routines to include a consistent asana, prana yama, and prayer practice
- Let go of relationships and activities that are pulling you too far away from your center.
- Stay loyal to your heart. Trust the longing that lives in your heart and allow it to be your compass to what feels like true north.  FAll is the home coming. Your heart knows the way home. Take time to listen and be guided home.

I promise you it is an amazing relief to simply acknowledge the grief and exhaustion and yogically reconnect with the life force of the earth and re-attune to your true north.

 True north lives in your womb and heart. It takes making time for a pause, cooling, clearing and circulating the energy in our joints and spine then meditating on what our true devotional ( Bahkti) compass is for this new season.
There are many asanas and sequences that support this time of year but more than that it is how you practice not what you practice.  Infuse your practice with the wisdom of the fall and your yoga practice will grow deep in its capacity to feel, surrender and be guided by your hearts compass toward home and harmony. 

I have found over the years no matter what my summer is like if I take time for fall yoga I have so much healing release. I can let go and reorient to enter my winter with receptivity and readiness for the internal slowing down winter invites us into. 

The exhaustion of trying to keep up becomes a softening and a surrender in my shoulders and the grief of feeling all these unprocessed emotions becomes a prayerful dance of my pelvic floor and womb center.  

Yoga is the practice of loving what is... our feelings, our circumstances and seasonal cues.

 Take time to feel this golden light of fall in your body, to let go of summers fire and attune with your hearts compass by being willing to feel what you truly love. Your compass is that clear knowing in your womb and heart that points you to exactly what you came to earth to love through. There is no telling what that is for any of us. That is the divine mystery that only you can discover for yourself.

If you  are in the Boulder Area Join us for New Moon Fall Womens' Yoga
Tuesday at 9am at Joy in Motion. 
Or get on my list to receive a taste of our fall practice...coming soon.

Namaste sweet sister
Be kind and loving to yourself,

Ixeeya Lin 

Ps. Drink a nice cup of lemon, ginger, chamomile, rose tea before your practice with a lil honey and you will feel so happy to be in your body this fall! 

Fall Harvesting with my sister Lark Fox of Botanica. 


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