Embrace and Transform your life through Women's Circles and Dance. 

"Each Circle I witness women being the answer to each others prayers! "Ixeeya

"Women's Circles have the potential to carry us home to ourselves, to heal old stories and trauma, support us to value ourselves to make new healthy empowered choices and to reflect the radical truth of our longing."Womens circling is a fine art. Like all art it needs a quality of mystery to keep it vital." 

In our Womens Circles and Programs we focus on 
  • Self Care Practices  
  • Rewilding 
  • Sisterhood 
  • Seasonal rituals and rites
  • Sacred embodiment: Ceremonial Dance/Yoga
  • Womb care and meditation    
  • Global prayer and interconnection
  • Council (activating our voices)  

The mission of the women's tent is to create a safe 

and inspired space, to support, celebrate and educate 

the feminine through dance, circle and self care ritual. 

We help women embody and remember 
the power and potency of their femininity as a healing 
and balancing force for their lives and the planet. 

It is our belief that ending the violence in our modern 
world and beginning the healing must start in 
community, in circles and in the embrace and reflection 
of other women. 

Womens tent is committed to creating 
spaces for women to gather and step into the miracle 
of being the answer to each others prayers. 

Womens Tent is facilitated with mastery in partnership with the divine feminine to keep egos in check and sacred sisterhood in full bloom. Come to a circle to learn first hand what this all means. 

Contact us if you need support creating a womens circle and / or mentorship with facilitating with mastery.

We will always have a public circle for women to enter the door way of womens culture. No matter where you are coming from you are welcomed as an honored sister in the circle. 

We are dedicated to guiding women home to their authentic embodiment and creative brilliance. 
We are dedicated to linking women up to be a support and inspiration for one another through circle and ritual culture.  
We are teaching women how to be in community together with respect and integrity with each other . 
We invite women to let go of roles and boxes and to take time to deeply listen and dance their emerging feminine wisdom awake. 
We create safe, sacred, passionate and creative experiences for you to discover yourself, the wisdom of your center, your dance and your full radiance in. 

I hear women all the time say Im tired, uninspired, lonely.  
I dont feel very sexy? 

I  just feel disconnected, what is the divine feminine anyway? 
I  know Im a dancer, but ...


We know where to begin and how to get you started with dancing through your life inspired, juicy and feeling supported and connected! 


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Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.