Whats Next for Fall 2016 ?

Fall 2016 I am offering 2 programs to keep the flame of our feminine restoration alive! 

How do we keep ourselves inspired, juicy and healthy amidst the chaos and exhaustion? Well I have some ideas! And I am real excited to share them with you! 

Seasonal practice and support : 

Feminine Restoration: 
New Moon Fall Practice

A 3 month circling and self care practice. 

-Three 5 hour Nourishing self care and seasonal ritual gatherings
- Three Full moon support calls 
- Monthly play sheets with practices and recipes for the month. 
- Private Face book group
- Discounts on private mentoring sessions

Global On-Line Self Care and Sisterhood Practice

21 Day Daily support through the holiday season. 
On - Line and live video. 
Yes! We will learn about how to do yoni steams at home and yoga to balance your hormones and learn healing movement practices that energize you in less then 5 minutes!

Your body, libido and sacred womb center will thank you for years to come. This is the holiday gift that keeps giving! xo
WOMB DANCE Holiday Support 

Restore- Remember- Empower

Restore - Remember - Empower 

Im sorry life feels challenging and unfair. I am sorry you have been disrespected and abused. I am sorry for all the ways you have tried to rise up and heal that have gone unseen. I am sorry you have tried to speak out and not felt heard. I am sorry you feel alone.

It is never easy to embrace the shadow cycles of our humanity.

And yet through them we grow strong and wise.
Through them we outgrow our negative patterning.
Through them we rise and become better versions of ourselves.
Through them we learn our deep truths, our bottom lines and the source of our true power.
Through them we come to know our body as sacred and the archetypal imprints we have as power sources within us.

Through our shadow cycles we birth our selves a new again and again if we learn to track these fertility and birthing cycles of our becoming.

Every woman needs the support of another woman, to be seen, heard, honored and to take time to restore in order to transform the shadows into radiance that will bloom her into her full power.

The journey begins within. From there we connect with each other to ignite the memory of our deep knowing and dance it into healing and action. This 3 step process has awakened and united countless number of women through all of time. It is the way of woman. It worked thousands of years ago and still does for the modern woman!

We have come here in women's body's at this time to change the course of history.
To align humanity with the greatness of our mother earth. To reclaim the sacred within and  all around us.

Join our weekly inspiration today by joining our email list. 
Video Coaching and Meditation Chats are available Mondays and Fridays.
Guest Speaking and Workshop sharing in your circles are available with 2 months notice.

We are old fashioned. You can actually email us and share your hearts desire and questions and we will write you back and help you take the next step! 


The world awaits... feminine restoration begins with you

Empowered Women will save our world. 
It is happening. Women are waking up to know their power and sacredness of their own bodies and in sisterhood.
The ripples from thousands of years of women holding their ground, tending to each other and having faith in the power of the feminine is now a solid root system that so much grow is rising up from.

The fruits are abundant and we need to stick together to harvest and create the feast our new world will be nourished by. 

If you are too busy to know or trust your feminine self. If you have not made time for self care and the idea of loving who you are, your body and your unique weave of spirit and emotion then please hear this... You were born into a female body at this time to heal the planet. All women are called to join in this great moment of transformation on our planet for the good of all. It begins with you honoring and healing your own female body and sacred power.

I am here to get you started on your path to power, peace and pleasure. A path of feminine restoration for yourself and the planet. 

Through 3 powerful doorways... 
- Womb Wisdom Activation
- Sisterhood practice 
- Sacred Dance

 I am available to support you in personal empowerment, igniting the wild woman and divine goddess within, healing shame and sexual wounding, and womens leadership mentoring through :

- One on one video council
- On- line programing  
- guest speaking and teaching in your circles and conferences. 

Below are some videos that are sure to get you inspired to step on your path of feminine empowerment! The world awaits...

Womens Tent is sponsoring a Womens Summer Dance Retreat!

Spirit Dancer Retreat July 28 - July 31

We are so excited. Its going to be amazing. A powerful weave of technique and free form dance to relax, tone, balance and inspire!

The Early Bird Sun Dance Solstice Special ends this Friday!

Spring WOMB Dance Count Down!

2016 SPRING W.O.M.B. Dance is just around the corner!
Yes it is the light at the end of the tunnel! 
Yes you deserve this. 
Yes if you feel the yes you can make this happen! 

International Womens Day

Tuesday is International Womens Day ! 

In honor of  our feminine feast day let us feast on the most potent nourishment to a womans body and life... sisterhood and dance !

Join me Tues for 2 FREE Events I am offering: 

1 / 
FREE Global Call to kick off the day: 
 5 ways to Rewild your Soul and Celebrate YOU !

10 am MST / your phone

Register here: 

1 hour womens phone gathering to inspire and build confidence!


FREE Local CLASS:  Empowerment Earth Dance Ritual 

12- 1:30 Tuesday in  Boulder Co
Scott Carpenter Park on the hill

Woman + Earth + Intentions + Movement + Voice + Truth =  Empowerment

You will discover new things about yourself, new tools to empower your body and your voice and make some new connections with the earth and other women. 

*All women are welcome. In the wittness and connection of a whole community of women dancing and sharing a great service to the planet is created.

Led by Womens Healing Arts Coach and Movement Educator
Ixeeya Lin 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.