The wheel of the year is turning again. We have left the summer touring season and heading into the cave time to bring WOMB Dance to you our Global sisterhood. Where we can dance together around the world anointing the earth with our dancing feet and shimmying wombs!

WOMG Dance is coming to you right in the comfort of your own home dear sister!
November 1, we launch,  WOMB Dance 1: RECLAIM, the first in the 3 part on line series.
A 28 Day Women's Empowerment Journey through movement, meditation and education.

Womb Dance Summer Tour in Co!

Ooo dear women what an amazing gift it was to meet each of you and share in the dance of womanhood with you.
Love getting down in the mud with you in festival life. Feet to the earth connecting into the river of the womb!
Red tents, circles and dances! Such a full summer. I am still implementing all the amazing discoveries we made together. Each woman is so wise and brilliant in what she brings to the circle.

Pictures and follow up emails are a comin. I have begun my Fall and Winter tour. Up, up and away to South Dakota, Chicago, the Catskills, Pennsylvania and Hawaii! Good times to come and a whole lot of dancin and prayin.

Please join us for WOMB Dance this November and if your on route send over a line and we will schedule in a stop over in your community to bring a lil Womb love to you and your sisters.

See you soon beauty. 

Summer 2017 Trainings

Summer Schedule in Co. 2017

WOMB Dance classes will be scheduled through out the summer so do stay tuned! 

Private sessions: 
In person:
Choose from my 3 healing huts
Starhouse, Urban Boulder, House hut Lafayette.
Abdominal Womb Massage, Holistic Pelvic Care, Limpia, Shamanic Facials, Yoni Steam, Shamanic Healing, Somatic Council.

Global On Line Face Chat Sessions: Wild Feminine Coaching and WOMB Dance Practices.



 June 10-11 
Shamanic Basics 

Intimate teaching for 4 - 6 women who hear the call.
Tools for women travelers, road trippers and festival goers.
Package includes 2 days of teaching. 1 end of the month follow up practice and 3 months of on line or phone mentorship calls when needed. 

July 16, 21-22 The Return of The Wild Feminine. 
Womb Dance, Massage and Herbal Eco Sourcing. 

Self care and womb wisdom awareness practices for professionals and practitioners.
Learn how to access and bring the wisdom of your feminine self to your own life, your work world and your clients. 

A training for professional women to learn the ways of the wild feminine through Intro discussions on what this is and how it can serve your life now, Healing Dance Methods, Shamanic Womb Massage, Earthing and Meditation. We need you to bring this wisdom to the world. The world is ready. 
For women ready to take the first step home to their body and the deep well of intuitive, creative wisdom within. 
To heal overwhelm, exhaustion, drain, doubt, emotional armoring, spiritual disconnect, blindness to beauty and blessing. 
"The wisdom of the wild feminine enters the world one woman at a time." Ixeeya

- Aug 11-13 2017 Dancers of the New Earth
Coed Dance Activism Training. 
Dance as activism. Deepen the healing power of ecstatic dance with a weave of shamanic, temple dances and elemental movement meditations. For recreational dancers and performers. Beginners to advance.
- We will learn technique to activate and align the 3 temples of being
- Learn my body bridge map and how to use it, created specifically for embodied health and supporting heart centered co-creation. 
- Learn how to work with sacred sites 
- Practice accessing your cause and how to feed it. 
- Learn the energetics of activism and why and how your life each day can contribute to the cause you feel most connected to. 
- Ways to stay connected to hope and possibility in the midst of dark times

Festivals ... 

- June 16 3:00 Hanuman Festival: Temple Dance yoga 
With music accompaniment by my sister Rebecca Abraxas

- August 4-6 Arise Wisdom Village ! What a team and line up of goodness In the works for u and for creation of new earth! It's happening ! You'll find me leading the daily women's group, WOMB Dance, Fire and flow gender reconciliation fire ceremony, and Dancers of the new earth ( a taste of my new body of work) a Taster of it all.

- Aug 20 Red Earth Women's gathering Sunset Herbal WOMB Dance 
An amazing gathering of women learning in the traditional oral traditions on the land! Ill be there offering womb blessings in the Red Tent and guiding us in a WOMB Dance Sunset herbal dance journey.

Special Aloha Womb Oracle Video Sessions

ALOHA Womb Oracle Video Chat Sessions & Shamanic Journeying.

A double Guidance session 

For women ready for inner peace and confidence. 

Discover the root of deep peace in your body and the ripple of confidence in giving your unique gifts to the world ! 

A 2 step session to help restore authentic feminine power from the guidance of your own womb wisdom and the ancient womb mother. 

1. Meet me on our private video face time session.
Be guided to the wisdom of your own womb and heart longing.

2. After your persona womb journey we hang up to let you integrate then I will journey to the ancient mother on your behalf to receive the guidance she has for you at this time.
... Await your personal recording with all the details of the guidance and practices she passes on for you.

The dark womb mother of Molokai spoke to me today.
She is so generous and powerful. Full of grace and love .. Amazing

She exists here to keep a gentle peaceful feminine force alive on the planet.
She is radically wild and potent!
She is here for us to bring our questions to and for sharing in deep healing.

She  has instructed me to offer only Womb Oracle sessions while I am her with her.

We have made this super affordable special at this time.
She calls it the ALOHA SPECIAL!

ALOHA in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy.

$59 for the twin sessions

This is usually a $200 value...

I do as I am told by the great mother.
So the price will stay at $59 until she gives me the word to shift.

The Aloha Womb Oracle special sessions are for women seeking rest in their own bodies.
Women seeking a lil support with landing in inner peace and confidence .

True confidence in a woman that is rising from inner peace is her natural inner knowing of communion, her understanding of her place in the order of things.
Insecurity, overwhelm and doubt dissolve when we truly know this peace, this place.


*I am a medium who gets called by certain places to work in partnership with them to serve others. 
I do not know if I will have access to this particular spirit of the divine feminine when I leave the island. 
It is a moment by moment relationship that informs me as I go. We are here together now ready to support you at this time. 

If you are getting excited and curious by reading this, a few lil tingles up your arms and neck then she is likely calling to you.

Email me with 3 possible times that can work to FaceTime for you.

*Please remember I am in Hawaii time zone so 2 hrs earlier then California,  3 earlier then Co, and 5 earlier from the east coast US.

Out side the U.S. we will look at your timezone shifts personally for each woman.

I look forward to supporting your journey at this time.
Aloha dear woman...


Schedule at and pay with ... WOMENSTENTIX@GMAIL.COM

Feeling stuck in the shadow... Early spring insights

Hello dear women. The wheel of the year turns again. One of the fabulous things about being in a women's body is how in tuned we are to the fertility cycles of the earth and the lunar cycles.
The more womb centered and embodied we become the more we can tune into this amazing super power and the more each season comes to us with potent wisdom and guidance for preparing for what is to come.

So ...Today, the beginning of February, marks a shift in the wheel of the year.
 As well as an opportunity for each of us to make some personal shifts within ourselves, out of any stuck negative habit patterns that winter has shown us.

The light of the sun and our inner consciousness continues to grow, it must.
It just can't help but to do so!

 In Celtic traditions this time is considered the first cross quarter.
The time right in between winter solstice and spring equinox.
This cross quarter time is called Imbolc or candlemass.
It is a time when the low light of the end of winter casts long shadows physically and mediphorically in our lives.

- Are you feeling stuck in some of your shadowy self that's hard to look at.
- Have you been more reactive and agitated lately ?
- Your young self acting out?

I know it's hard and can be embarrassing. I've been there time and time again.
But please be gentle.
It is our humanity cycling around to outgrow another layer so we can grow more conscious and

The end of winter is a tough love friend. She keeps us stewing in our shadow to make sure we are real good and ready for the transformation of the new light and action of spring.

This is the time in the goddess tradition that the womb of winter is beginning to get full and tight inside. We are getting ready to be birthed out of winters womb.
It can be very uncomfortable, sometimes overwhelming and yet a very exciting time of preparation
and healing.

Frog and bear are wonderful spirit helpers at this time who share their medicine of transformation. Frog emerging from the womb pond and bear emerging from the womb cave.  Waking slowing  into a new form of self and the call to action this new life calls for ! The new life of your  spring.

Many traditions honor this time of transition. The Native American traditions honor this time as a time of rest and cleansing. This is a way of preparing for springs busy  personal "birth".

- A good time for healing baths and gentle personal growth around your inner child and any unfinished emotional baggage rearing its head.

- A good time to have some last moments of stillness around a fire or just snuggled up in bed before
the quickening of spring.

- A great time for creating lists for the preparations needed to actualize the visions winters womb
brought you.

- A good time for starting some body cleansing. Add in a Green smoothly to your morning and start shifting out the heavier foods of winter. The earth is getting ready to rise up and so are you. Soon you will have a feeling of an extra boost of energy from the earth springing into new growth and will need less heavy food to orient.

- If your feeling motivated it is a great time to cleanse your liver.

The goddess energy  and archetype traditonally honored at this
time of year in the Celtic and European traditions is Bridit. She is a fire goddess of healing and motherhood as well as the arts.

She has known great pain and great perseverance.
She calls to the part of us that can rise up out of our  darkness, shadow and pain and keep going.
She is the spark of hope and light within us that knows we must carry on and will carry on.

She is the creative life force within that creates potent poetry from the pain and beauty of our lives.

She reminds us how to transform spirit, energy, feeling, emotion
into form... Birth.

She is the sister of midwifery. Holding the light of love and acceptance of all we are to inspire life to say YES to rebirth anew.

In the Hindu traditions February is also a time of new beginnings with Shivas feast day, called Shiva
, a major Hindu celebration in remembrance of dispelling the darkness and ignorance.

- What parts of your shadow are ready to be brought to the light of awareness?

- What do you need to heal and accept about yourself at this time?

- What are 3 ways you can prepare your body Or something in your life to be in better alignment for
the plans you have for this new cycle ahead?

Creative Rituals for Imbolc: 

- Stay in bed and dance!  Creative flow movement stretches in your bed each morning, a great way to drink in the last bits of winters cozy medicine and sooth your bodys's nervous system before the quickening of spring. Begin with a long  stretch and a yawn. Keep reaching and rolling through your sheets. Feel your body being massaged by the bed and sheets.
Keep flowing and reaching til you feel satiated.

- Write a poem of the feelings and challenges that have risen up this past winter so far. Begin with stream of consciousness then start arranging words and phrases into an inspired order.

Be kind and gentle with yourself as these last moments of winters womb prepares you for your rebirth. Be like the ground hog. Look at your shadow and be curious, letting it tell you where to go from here.

A big well of gratitude for my big sisters on the path, Willow Arlenea( she has a fabulous goddess  book on the wheel of the year to follow along with), Anastatia Nut, Lila Tresemer and Laurissa Vabuti, Ann Drucker, for your deep teachings and guidance on walking the wheel of the year and honoring the traditions of the quarters and cross quarters.

Blessed Imbolc

Women's March Denver Jan. 22, 2017

Did I really flap my arms like a chicken and jump around like a child In the middle of the Denver Women's March ? 

Oh yes - it's true -  I did. The holy fool took over. 

Filled with the spirit of freedom and possibility. 
I could hardly contain myself!  

It's true nothing can stop me from expressing my joy and my utter gratitude for being a free woman. 

The speakers were brilliant and more then ever I see our work together with restoring the feminine and opening our root / pelvic center to connect with the grid of earth light as so very important. 
One of the speakers shared about how not so long ago our culture was telling women they could not run, because their uterus would fall out.
I know that sounds funny but there is some real tragedy in that. 

The lack of understanding of a female body and the limitations it has conveniently created in our American culture is still to this day embedded in the psyche of women...a
 real problem for womens choices and options. 

 It is this kind of ignorance that perpetuates the voices inside women's  heads of fragility, and unworthiness without them even knowing it got in.

The truth is running does drop the uterus a bit but there are ways to support  your 

womb naturally and simply with the right bodily and energetic education. 

So ever more I am  committed to feminine embodiment and united sisterhood as a form of activism of our times. 

What has this new presidency and womens march inspired in you to commit more deeply to? 

Oh this is such a longer conversation but I will leave it at that for the sake of timing.
So please let the conversation continue in the comments below! 

In light of self care ... I will be going inward on retreat to Hawaii for the next month to deeply consider my next steps, while doing alot of writing and deepening my connection to my body and the earth. 

A time of much needed integration time with the mother. 

I will be posting in my Dance Journal ....

- Free Dance Journal 
I will be positing in my Dance Journal FB group, 
dancing from Hawaii if you would like to join me. 

- I will make time for 1 session a day. So any of you who want to do a weekly feminine embodiment coaching series, I have space for 5 of you. 

Coaching Series details are below my signature...

I would like to get all of my February sessions on the calendar by February 3rd, so please reach out this week to schedule. 

Keep being yourself, honoring your body and trusting the creative wisdom of your womb. 

I do believe you are the medicine our planet needs at this time.
I will keep you posted on my travels and my return.

- Coaching Series...

Bring HER back to life Series" :

a 4 week feminine embodiment coaching series.
Come be the holy fool with me. Free your body and your mind and see what is possible when you reach beyond your comfort zone ! 

Focus on 1 aspect of yourself you want to bring back to life. I will help you use the shamanic and yogic paths to make significant embodied head way and the clear next steps!

  I have space for 5 women who want to learn and implement these women's healing practices as they get busy with this new year of activism! 

Each woman gets : 
4 private live video sessions - ( a weekly coaching / practice video call, You can choose to have a shamanic Journey session for one of these sessions.) 

Video practices I will make for you from my Hawaii retreat. 
Assignments and journaling worksheets 
Closing group call 
Group Q and A access

The cost is $595 can be paid in one lump sum, 4 weekly payments of $125 or 3 money payments of $200

Themes women in the past have worked with. 
( awakening the libido, increasing sexual pleasure, getting creativity activated and acted on, healing and embodying the root center, Womb connection, creating personal rituals, healing period pain, releasing doubt and shame, Loving yourself, building confidence, eating healthier, creating a daily yoga and sacred healing dance practice, getting in your body.) 


Dont miss our annual January WOMB DANCE!
A sacred prayer dance sanctuary after the Womens March.
A time for integration and dance activism.

Sat. 6-9
Sun. 10 am - 4

A dance journey of empowerment, sisterhood and deep revelation.




Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.