Laying the foundation for 2020

We are raising the Sacred Shakti loves. 

This is the feminine life force energy the ancient yoga traditions call Shakti. 

It’s a feeling we can guide you into more then talking about.

Here in my winter cave peaking out to the year ahead... I see us dancing.
The Shakti slowly building like brewing a pot of tea... warmer and warmer.. the leaves and flowers start to move and spin then wildly undulate through the water as the pot boils... then simmering and infusing the world of water with her medicine. Water becomes tea in the alchemy of this dance.

Shakti like tea, takes time to warm up, to feel and find her dance to land in her  simmer to infuse the world with the grace of her unique feminine expression.

In my shamanic journeys I hear a drum. It is steady and so is the flow of  women gathering.
It’s steady grace. I see spirit Dancers unwinding from grief and shock, from dulldrums and burnout finding their bodies again, their womb wisdom, their voices, their sacred mission, their joy.
All kinds of women remembering their dream. Twisting and turning into shapes of new freedom and expression. Coming alive with such deep presence and light in their eyes. Just CLEAR. READY AND OPEN.

The start of 2020 is exciting. We are laying the foundation of a new decade. 
That feels significant. What do you want to lay down to build this next 10 years upon? 

Please join us, share with your women, show them the door ways to the dance and ritual with us.
We are here to support each woman to to escort the change she is longing for in her life.
To help her awaken to her true power and sacred mission with her feminine genius intact.

💃🏻Find us at the start of 2020  Jan.- March 

Jan. 4 Candle lit Goddess Renewal NJ 
Jan. 12 Unwinding Grief NJ 
Jan  17 Goddess Yoga NJ ( fundraiser for Australia)
Jan. 31-2 Spirit Dancer NC 
March 1-10 Wind Divine Woman Bali cultural immersion Dance Retreat

❤️Shamanic Readings Available for the month of January to support your New Year Vision Boarding. ( first come first serve) 

Email us with your Interest and we will send you the details 

The gifts of Winter Solstice

Preparing for the Winter Solstice Threshold this weekend. 

An important ritual to close the year and embrace our wholeness. 

This week’s news letter will share the Embodied Solstice rituals for home or community. 
Make sure your signed up. 

Last Call



Im here in the northern hemisphere cuddling in for pre winter.
 We will be closing the doors to our Bali Retreat very soon so we can all settle in here and listen to winters medicine.

 If your in the Southern Hemisphere then you are likely just ending springs activation and getting ready for summers fullness.

Whether you are fully outward with summers light or heading inward with winters darkness  we will  meet on the other side of this season to dance across the island of the gods together.

Its a big decision.

Its a life changing retreat.

You will know if it's time. 

Its dance, its yoga, its womb healing, its sisterhood, its elemental dancing, its chanting, its temples, its waterfalls and full mooning... its a powerful new beginning. 

If Bali has been calling you and  this is your time. Lets talk ! 



Womens Sacred Dance Training and WOMB Yoga in Bali

You are invited to train with us in the Feminine Healing Arts of Sacred Dance and Prayer.
Join our Womens Sacred Activism Retreat filled with practice time. Train in the Embodied Feminine Healing Arts.
You get 10 days of powerful temple dance and ecstatic dance technique, meditations, chants and movement rituals guaranteed to empower you to bring more of your true gifts to the world. 
This is all inclusive so you can focus on your dance and integrating the gifts of Bali.
You also receive the exclusive initiations of the Sacred Symbols that create potent alignment with your chakras and the elemental earth, as well as womb yoga to help you dance from the deepest connection to your feminine power, because this is how your dance becomes true medicine in a womens body.
For a limited time we have open enrollment for women who are longing and ready to embody their true power and craft a whole new beginning to give their gift of feminine leadership to the world. 
Dance with us across the sacred island of BALI. 
We believe your Dance can create positive change 
in your life and for the planet.
Sign up for your interview now to save 
your space before our Fall registration closes its doors.

Free} November New Moon Ritual : callm in the chaos

Busy mommas, kicking ass entrepreneurs, empty nesters, empaths and women at the cross roads... 
Join us for a lil LA LA LA LOVE YOU  TIME! 

Our  special  New Moon on line Homecoming ritual helps to soothe your system, enliven your radiance and awaken gratitude just in time for thanksgiving.  

Its simple, gentle, womb centered guided movement meditation.

Learn the 3 step sacred space practice you can play with to come home to your self over and over again as the holiday season speeds up. 

- Feel
- Kiss
- Sing  

Believe it or not this simple recipe for slowing down will help you be more productive and bring ease of living through the winter months. 

This is our Annual Return to Winters Womb Threshold Crossing Ritual  we did in the temple for over a decade. 
You will hear a lil story telling of those temple times and have a moment to share a short story of your own. 

Our New Moon On Line Rituals are always Free. They are recorded then  tucked away into our on line classroom where you can access them any time for a love donation of your choice. 

Our New Moons are a meeting place for the Global Culture of Women to gather for our sacred activism of self care each month. 

We believe taking care of ourselves Is part of our spiritual activism that supports the rebalancing of the planet. 

We are over the moon to create the change with you. 

To receive the accesss code.... make sure you are receiving our newsletters. Then code will come in the next 2 email tonight and tomorrow morning.

PS:I will stay on the call afterwards for any of you who have Bali Questions we are wrapping up registration this month. 

Fall Winter 2019 Schedule

Fall / Winter 2019/2020 Schedule 

Sept. 29 FREE New Moon On Line Womens Harvest Circle and moving stillness meditation ritual.

October 9 Boulder CO Womens Tent Shamanic Dance Journey: Mother Line

Oct 15 - Feb.11 Mudra Moon Full Moon Dance Series. Register:

October 28, 8pm-9pm EST  
FREE On Line New Moon Mother Line Ritual - Sign up for our News Letter and receive the monthly access code  

November 26 FREE On Line New Moon Ritual 

December Full Moon  Mudra Moon On line class 

December  Sacred Symbols Solstice Illumination Dance Ritual
December 21 Winter Solstice Community Prayer Fire
December 26 FREE OnLine New Moon Ritual 
December 28 - Feb 1 WOMB Dance 5 Week On Line Training 

January 4-5  Renewal Movement Medicine Retreat
January 18 - 21 Ashville NC WOMB Dance: Wound to Wisdom Sacred Alchemy Dances.
March 1-10 Wild Divine Bali Feminine Restoration Dance Retreat

Summer 2020  Looking Ahead to bring 
WOMB Dance and Body Wise Earth Allies to ... 





Join me and a global gathering of women in our virtual embodied healing arts Zoom Studio.
Wednesday August 28th at 7 pm EST

Its a Reset to Self Care.
Learn a simple Dance Ritual to do when Burn Out is burning up your energy, your feminine spirit and motivation to dream and play. 

August 30 is the new moon but I want to give you this teaching and experience to take into the new moon for your personal time or with a circle of women.

New Moons are a time of reset, self care and creative sisterhood.

Its a time for feminine praise and inner contemplation of where the month has taken us and what is true now to set intention with for the month ahead. 

What kind of burn our do you have? Yes, there is more then one kind. Lets discover together and reset to a inspired renewal for the month ahead.
Listening, praying and dancing a recipe for renewal. 
We will send you some yummy new food recipes to try too for  a full body reset with healthy inspired living. 



OUR PRAYER THIS MONTH IS FOR OUR BLOOD. A prayer for all those with painful blood, blood disease, blood love, blood transfusion, blood cancer... Help us build a strong powerful prayer well for our BLOOD.

The access code comes to you each month in my weekly newsletter.
So if you have not declared your FULL BODY YES and signed up for that then go do that now intake for our next Dance Ritual.

A lil taste of the magic world I will be taking you to this
March in Bali.

Opt in on the side panel and receive the link in our new moon news letter.
See you so soon !


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.