Summer Cleanse Support !

SUMMER Cleanse with us ! 
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We are doing our 30 Day Healthy Living 
summer CLEANSE ! 

We begin July 15. 

The support group and community cheering is FREE. 
Get Daily support emails and recipes and grocery to help you succeed! 

WOMENSTENT is partnering with ARBONNE
To have healthy save products to support our emotional spiritual transformation land more full in our body ! 

Full Moon Rap

We had a lovely Full Moon Chat and Movement Meditation And we shared our Big News ! 

Womens Tent is taking the Womens Initiation Healing Retreats Global!
First Stop in 2020 our of the US is Bali! 
WILD DIVINE BALI! Feminine Restoration Dance Journey

We have a special Early Bird Special for you
$200 off and if you sign up this week you will get a
Free Sacred Womb Activation Private Session with me when your in Bali!

Here is the Recap...

Full Moon Feminine Radiance and Yin Renewal

Join us Tonight ! Live Zoom!
Monday June 17 at 6:30 pm Mt 

Full Moon Feminine Radiance 
Movement Mudra Meditation 

To Rewild your inner Radiance 
and Sacred Mission 

How can the Moon Help ?

Our 9 month Full Moon Journey...
And our Summer Free Gift !

Come Celebrate with us ! 

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Come Dance on the Land with us!

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Free June 4 RESTORE THe YIN within... Women’s Sacred Health Call on Yin Deficiency and what to do

Sign up to the Right

Join us June 4 for this important discussion and practice group to restore the YIN WITHIN

This is an informal chat and meditation with Ixeeya at Home.

Just being women together!

Did you miss it ? 


Beltane ROOT Dance Ritual

At StarHouse
Tuesday May7 / 6:30 - 9:45
Co-Ed Dance Journey Ushering in the Sensual, Fertile energies of high spring !

Get your Ticket Here...

ROOTING into the fertility, sensuality, and delight of the Beltane!
A Movement Journey of Sensual Pleasure and Passion.

Beltane is the 2nd cross quarter of the year that honors Life.
It represents the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. Fertile Earth energies are at their strongest and most active.

We will practice feeling and moving with these powerful energies.
Come celebrate the elemental energies of the land and stones.

- ROOT Sunset Yoga Dance with the Standing Stones
- Feeding the Stones
- Nature Communion
- Fire / Water Purification Ceremony
- Shamanic Dance Journey to balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine within.
- Community Circling and Singing
- Shamanic Journey Meditation to the womb of the earth.
- Live drumming
- Sweet Osha Rose Tea Altar for heart opening connection
- Surprise Treats!

Our night will celebrate sacred union through the ritual of fire and water, passion flow of the masculine and feminine.

We will all have a part is this creative night of passion play.

Journey to the spirit of the ancient Beltane fires, sing, dance, partner play and breath work carry us through this magical night to discover a powerful message from the earth to guide us forward into what is ours to create in service of our planet at this time.


What are you awakening in your life?
What are you creating that wants to be infused with this life force energy of fertile Beltane energy ?

.. Trust, Faith, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Belonging, Remembering, Sacred Union....

Create a Base of Beauty

Click the PIC

Build a Base of Beauty to start your day...

Through the shamanic somatic lens of living, it is essential to plug back into our body, the earth, spiritual support, into our faith and trust to have a life of balance.

A lil Earthing each day keeps the blues away ! 

Embodiment is a way of feeling and listening to the messages of the body and the world around us.

Anxiety is a result of stress. A messenger from the body that she is off balance, feeling isolated and unsafe. Anxiety can become a daily occurrence and even a mental illness that needs to be medicated to receive both the body and mind and function in life.

If you are starting to feel anxiety creep into your life from some recent stress cycles, 
this practice may really help.

Stress can make us unplug from all our inner resources and plug into more computer time and cell phone usage which in turn can shift our energy and soul essence out of the body or rising up the brain in the mental swirl.
This unplugging form body and earth leaves us very vulnerable in the fast pacing of the modern world.

Anxiety is often the result of this kind of unplugging.

So how to we plug back into our resources and unplug from the matrix of stress and airwaves?
Ahhh lots to share... my next 3 programs all work with this question to help you find an embodied earth centered sacred life for yourself !

- Paths to Pleasure On Line 5 weeks 
- INITIATION  1 Day Local Retreat 
- BodyWise Earth Allies 5 Day Wild Divine Earth Dance Immersion

All the links are above.. Check them out !

For now take this lil great with me- a simple practice to begin your day to set your base of beauty and inner peace.
Give it a try... let me know how it feels to you.

Click Here: Embodied Release of Anxiety and Stress 
Face Book Live Video 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.